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We Handle Logistics for Last-Mile Services and Warehouse Management.

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Last-Mile Services

Last-mile fulfillment can be a cost-effective outsourced solution. Our wide range of services offer customers porch drop-off, installation, and assembly options for your goods.

Delivery men carefully placing a couch in a nice home

Home Delivery

Our multi-client facilities enabling last-mile delivery of bulky consumer goods ensure consistency across market areas. From appliances to fitness equipment and furniture, to mattresses, home improvement, and recreational goods – we have you covered.


The last experience with a brand often defines the whole experience for consumers. This is especially true for last-mile deliveries involving assembly and installation. When consumers purchase heavy appliances and household items, the shipping typically includes installation and removal of the old item. We understand that the way our personnel interact with consumers and their professionalism are crucial to the overall experience. The simple things—being polite, friendly, and respectful—make all the difference, and you can count on us.

Delivery men installing an oven
Delivery men assembling furniture at customers home


Our installation and assembly services provide an end-to-end shipping solution and add value by ensuring shipments are delivered, unpacked, and arranged in the desired location. We never lose sight that your reputation hinges on the last-mile experience we provide. From furniture and fixture assembly to installing equipment and building out cubicles, we provide these services across various sectors, including properly recycling shipping containers and packaging material.

Other Services

Our full suite of services needed for business-to-business, store-to-home, and retailer-to-home last-mile delivery wouldn’t be complete without the logistics for warehouse management and software solutions.

Employee in a warehouse checking a tablet

Warehouse Services

Our warehouse management system is an easy-to-use inventory life cycle management tool that interfaces with your ERP system and supports real-time push and pull reports. Cloud-based and customizable, CXD Logistics’ WMS gives you complete control over order processing, reporting, stocking and more. Transactions are live and not batched, allowing you to manage your inventory and tracking needs with real-time data. We pride ourselves on being able to retro-sync to various legacy systems in order to quickly and thoroughly understand your business.

Flatbed Services

Flatbed shipping can be complicated—it includes basic open-deck shipping requests, intricate planning jobs, and countless freight configurations, each requiring specific flatbed equipment and accessories. We support the most challenging flatbed freight needs, from breakbulk to particular projects. Our experts specialize in matching over-dimensional flatbed freight transportation needs with the type of trailer that best accommodates them. We have the expertise, options, and equipment to keep your flatbed freight rolling.

Forklift loading a flatbed with packages
Loading a truck with a small amount of packages

LTL Services

Our tech-connected network of owned trucks, terminals, and professional drivers is built to deliver freight on time and damage-free. Bring us your shipping challenges and we’ll recommend the best solutions. Our LTL capabilities include many premium service options for high-priority shipments and special handling. Our software uses machine learning to optimize pickup and delivery, pricing, and linehaul routing, while our online platform makes it easy to manage shipments. 

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Logistic Software Systems

When you integrate with CXD Logistics via our APIs, you can automate and customize access to our services from your internal application or website. API is a web connection that allows one software program to communicate with another, exchanging data between the two systems. We specialize in integrations with legacy systems with a quick turnaround.

WMS Software

Behind the scenes, state-of-the-art technology powers our warehouse management system, which gives you complete control of inventory from afar. View your product, manage your orders, customize reports, and send notifications all within our user-friendly eWMS. When your product is ready to go, CXD Logistics’ wide range of transportation services completes the fulfillment to your customers in a seamless and efficient manner.

Employee using technology to manage warehouse
Software developer in the office with code on screens

DMS Software

Managing a private fleet in-house is a time-consuming and expensive process. CXD Logistics can design an integrated solution dedicated to your account: drivers, trucks, trailers, maintenance, management, and fuel, with no equipment leases. Working as an extension of your team, we’ll represent your brand with pride on the road, while our specialists look for opportunities to optimize routes and lower your costs.

US EPA Certified SmartWay

We’re Proud of Going Green

CXD Logistics’ environmental commitment runs deep. We’ve earned the SmartWay certification, an EPA program that helps the freight transportation sector improve supply chain efficiency. The SmartWay program certifies the 20% lowest-emitting passenger vehicles based on greenhouse gas and smog ratings each model year. We do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint as it relates to the customer packaging and handling of freight by reducing and/or recycling cardboard debris and reducing pollutants in domestic locations by replacing warehouse equipment that runs on fuel with those powered by electricity.